The SONEX was set up in Amman International Motor Show from 8/4/2019 to 11/4/2019. This exhibition attracted a large number of buyers from Moddle East, especially Jordan. Jntech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd brought its products on solar pump system, solar off-grid system and power generation solution to the exhibition and attracted many foreign buyers to stop by.

During the exhibition, the assistant minister of Jordan Ministry of Energy came and visited JNTECH stand, we introduced JNTECH products in details to her especially application in solar agricultural irrigation and solar home using.

The 24-hour uninterrupted solar pump system exhibited by Jntech is designed to solve daily water supply and irrigation problems for areas without electricity and water shortage, and to realize comprehensive utilization of solar energy. This solar pump system combine water pumping and generating, and has been widely used in more than 50 countries and regions all around the world. At this exhibition, Jntech also released a high-performance solar off-grid inverter with hybrid controller. This product has perfect protection functions and advanced EMS, providing perfect overall power solution for islands, remote areas with no electricity. During the exhibition, many customers consulted and negotiated.Our partners were busy introducing the characteristics and use of Jntech products to the new customers in Arabic.

With the further development of the renewable energy industry in the Middle East, the demand for renewable products in this region is expanding rapidly. Jntech has been insisting on continuous R&D investment based on customer demand for many years. With excellent product quality and good customer service, Jntech has won praises from overseas customers. With this platform, people from different countries discussed the hot spot of solar pump system and solar power generation. Jntech will always focus on renewable energy applications such as solar irrigation and household power generation, contributing to the sustainable development of society.