Hefei JNTECH attend the 20th Solar show in South Africa


March 28 to 29 the two-day South African Photovoltaic Show was held in Johannesburg. Hundreds of photovoltaic enterprises from China, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands participate in this exhibition.

In this exhibition, JNTCH shows the Solar pumping system, PV off-grid power generating system and Bi-directional energy storage system, attract the retention and inquiry of customers from South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Congo and other neighboring countries.

As a leading brand of Solar pumping system, JNTECH continuously optimize product performance, improve product features. The new generation solar pumping system can reach 24 hours full load operation, the product now is already in South Africa market, and have won high appreciation from our customers.

The newly released PV off-grid inverter with controller, as the key equipment of PV off-grid system and Household energy storage system, is applied to the PV household power system, which can solve the problem of power shortage and electricity expensive in remote areas, bring gospel to the inhabitants of these areas.

JNTECH has been growing steadily in development of new energy technology application and product development in recent years. Among it, solar pumping system have been widely used in 32 countries and regions. JNTECH will increasing the development and promotion of new energy applications, continue to provide the community with energy saving, green and new energy applications products and services.


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