JNTECH solar aeration system successfully applied to environmental governance project in Shenling Tan, Anqing City


With the rapid process of urbanization, City environment problem is more and more prominent. In response to country’s call of green and environmental protection, JNTECH develop solar aeration system by Solar DC drive. The outstanding features are without battery, daily long working hours, long lifespan, through clean energy solar power to improve water quality, at same time, reduce electricity cost, ensure on-site power safety.

Recently, in the project of environmental governance project in Shenling Tan, Anqing City, Anhui Province, JNTECH solar aeration system applied successfully. There are six sets of 750W solar fountain aeration systems are installed and fully operational in this project. This project is not only solved water pollution problem caused by lakes slowly flow, and increase the water oxygen to ensure living environment of various creature, maintain ecological balance. This project has profound the typical demonstration significance, especially for Southern part of Anhui Province which is with plenty of rainfalls and rugged terrain, urban population centers is with plenty lakes and rich breeding industry.

Solar aeration system developed by JNTECH is mainly applied to landscape water treatment of parks, wetlands, lakes and others, surface water purification of riverway and lakes, fish and shrimp farming and etc.. Right now, according he projects, JNTECH can provide system of 370w to 2.2kW, more choice to save the cost. 



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