Energy Storage Battery Pack JNB048100H1

JN household energy storage battery pack uses LiFeO4 which offers significantly lighter weight and longer lifespan with high charge and discharge efficiency.
The outstanding management system and modularization design make it work when solar generates electricity is not enough especially at night.


- Extend easily;
- Visualization: Monitoring working state, visible battery info;
- Maintenance-free: Auto logout if fault occurred, no influence for user;

- Easy for maintenance;
- Convenient installation;
- Easy operation;
- Modular design, can be used in parallel for power extension;

High safety LiFePO4 battery:
- Fast charging, excellent power performance;
- Long life cycle;
- High charge and discharge efficiency;

- German appearance design;
- Small volume, light weight;
- Home design, elegant appearance.


Energy Storage Battery Pack JNB048100H1

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